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Dr. Stefan Smajda
Bd. Sylvain Dupuis, 229 B 4
Phone: + 32 (0)2 262 10 87
FAX:   + 32 (0)2 380 04 63

About Dr. Smajda:

Dr Stefan Smajda is a graduate of  the Université Catholique de Louvain ( UCL) where he received his Medical Degree in 1978. He completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Jolimont Hospital in Belgium with Dr P. Rousseau. After his residency he extended his training to perfect his skills in vaginal reconstructive surgery at the University of Lille in France under the guidance of Professor G.Crépin. Dr Smajda has throughout his career continually upgraded his skills in the field of urogynaecology by completing  advanced vaginal surgery and laparoscopic surgery courses  in internationally renowned centers in France, England and Sweden.  Since 1983, Dr Smajda is a Consultant gynaecologist at the Clinique Ste Anne-St Remi in Brussels and heads the Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Department. He is also a consultant urogynaecologist at the private institute: Clinique Edith Cavell in Brussels.

He continues to pursue excellence in this field by searching and introducing new and innovative surgical techniques in pelvic floor reconstructive surgery by mesh techniques and minimal invasive procedures. He provides surgical preceptorships for advanced mesh reconstructive pelvic surgery and incontinence surgery. Since 1999,he has trained (hands on) hundreds of surgeons from all  over the world (Belgium, Switserland, Morocco,  Canada,Russia,…) in reconstructive pelvic floor surgery involving grafts. Dr Smajda has been invited to demonstrate his surgical techniques in operating rooms in renowned institutions in Belgium, England, Austria, Poland, France, Spain, Portugal and Luxemburg. He has lectured widely on the topic at local and international level. He has also taught several cadaver labs in Belgium,Canada and the United States and published on the topic in the peer-reviewed literature. Finally, Dr Smajda has been a consultant to several companies in the medical device industry (Ethicon, Bard, Cousin, Covedien).


Vaginoplasty «  Vaginal Rejuvenation » :

The procedure corrects the enlarged and stretched vagina due to the effects of childbirth, aging, trauma. The vaginoplasty procedure by tightening the vaginal tissues can renew and enhance sexual experience and satisfaction.

Perineoplasty :

Procedure to correct perineal tears (childbird, episiotomy) and repair the perineal body.

Labiaplasty :

LABIAPLASTY MINORA: Labial reduction and beautification. Reduction of large labia, asymmetric labia. The procedure removes excess of labia that often causes irritation, discomfort during sexual intercourse and eliminates their outward appearance and irregularities.

LABIAPLASTY MAJORA: The broader outer lips of the vulva can be enlarged from birth, secondary to childbirth, or due to aging. The enlargement can cause an embarrassing bulge. The procedure by excising the inner portion of the labia will hidden the scar in the crease between the inner and outer labia.

Clitoridoplasty :

CLITORAL HOOD REDUCTION: Excess skin on the sides of the clitoris causes an enlarged looked clitoris and may intefer in sexual intercourse. By excising the extra folds of skin on the clitoris or lateral to the clitoris the procedure will give a more aesthetic appearance. The clitoris itself and its nerves are not touched.

CLITORAL RECONSTRUCTION: After partial clitoral mutilation, some reconstructive procedure can restore a clitoral aerea and clitoral sensitiveness.

Hymenoplasty :

Reconstruction of the hymen: precise incision of the hymen remnants of the hymeneal ring will bring them into close approximation to allow delicate sutures to hold the tissues in place and recreate the hymen to a “pre-sexual” state.

G Spot - Grafenberg spot amplyfying :

Injection of collagen at the G spot can enlarges the G spot and enhanced sexual arousal and gratification.


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