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Mr Igor E Martinek, MD,FMH

Gynaecology Surgeon
100 Harley Street
LondonUnited Kingdom

T +447910 348 006

Email : drmartinek@drmartinek.com

Web: www.drmartinek.com

The Gynaecology Surgeon delivers top quality cosmetic gynecological care to patients from many countries with two offices in Montreux, Switzerland and in London, U.K.. Our highly trained surgeons are experts in:
cosmetic vaginal surgery, labiaplasty, vaginal tightening (rejuvenation), hymenoplasty, pelvic surgery, infertility, menopausal
, hysterectomy and skin rejuvenation treatments using Pellevé^(TM). Our surgeons are from an academic base and are experts in minimally invasive surgery (keyhole). We combine the skills of a gynaecologist, an aesthetic surgeon, and a sonographer.

*Prior to surgery, we offer all of our patients a complete gynaecological and breast check-up, including pelvic sonography to
rule-out any conditions that may need attention. We are a one-stop Women's Health Center, and are international, based in the UK and Switzerland. This offers patients the option of having their procedure done in either of these countries, in exclusive and luxurious settings, where pampering awaits each patient.

We strive to treat our patients as if they were members of our family. We help tailor solutions to patients' wishes and needs. As aesthetic gynaecologists, we care about helping women reach their aesthetic goals.



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