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Lasertreatments.com., the publisher of this web site, makes no representation, guarantee, or warranty (express or implied) as to the medical ability, competence, or quality of treatment which may be provided by any of the doctors or medical centers which are listed herein.

Some of the doctors advertising on Lasertreatments.com may not use utilize lasers in their practice.

Lasertreatments.com, also makes no representation regarding the status of the listed doctors as certified specialists in the areas of medical practice listed herein.

Moreover, Lasertreatments.com, expressly denies liability and undertakes no responsibility for the results or consequences of any medical treatment provided by any of the doctors or medical centers listed in this web site.

This website contains doctors addresses and web pages which should be considered doctor advertisements. The information contained in this web site is educational only and should not be construed as offering medical advice.


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