Phoenix - Dr. Scott Gulinson

Sierra Vista- Dr. Anthony A. Nazaroff


Burbank- Dr. Red Alinsod
(Consultation Office)

Glendale - Click Here

Laguna Beach - Dr. Red Alinsod

Upland - Dr. Thomas Easter




Greenwich - Dr. Edward Jacobson


Fort Lauderdale- Dr. Bernard Stern

Miami- Dr. Bernard Stern

Jupiter/Palm Beach - Dr. Bernard Stern


Atlanta- Dr. John Miklos & Dr. Robert Moore


Kamuela - Dr. Lyn Lam


Chicago- Dr. Otto Placik

New York

New York City- Dr. Robert Rho


Carson City- Dr Martin Naughton &
Dr Elizabeth Hutson

Reno- Dr Martin Naughton &
Dr Elizabeth Hutson

Las Vegas- Dr. Red Alinsod


Dayton - Dr. James Apesos

Cleveland - Dr. Daniel Medalie


Houston- Dr Susan Hardwick-Smith

Plano- Dr Kyle Mathews

San Antonio- Dr. Troy Robbin Hailparn



Salt Lake City- Dr. Troy Robbin Hailparn


United Kingdom - Dr. Edward Jacobson

Belgium- Dr. Stefan Smajda

Turkey-  Dr. Eser Agar

Switzerland- Dr Igor Martinek

United Kingdom- Dr Igor Martinek

Australia- Dr Les Blackstock

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Labiaplasty Recovery



Labiaplasty recovery depends on how well you follow your doctor's post surgery instructions:

If labiaplasty recovery and time off from work is a concern, scheduling your surgery and out of town travel must be planned out:
1. Patients are recommended to take off 7-14 days from work
2. Refrain from exercise and sexual intercourse for 4-6 weeks.
3. Irritation can last for up to 3 months. 
4. No tampex, g strings for around 6 weeks
The above time estimates are taken from our sponsor doctors and only for general information - you must follow your own doctor's recovery schedule!
Labiaplasty Recovery Products:

Click here to review what doctors recommend to fully and quickly recover from labiaplasty surgery.



Locate A Labiaplasty Surgeon Near You:

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