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Laser Stretch mark removal in Orange and Torrance CA

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Laser Stretch Marks Removal and Laser Treatments


Cosmetic lasers are a new method for removal of stretch marks. Unlike traditional treatments like stretch mark creams and gels, lasers are used to stimulate new collagen growth and fill the stretch mark from the bottom up. The laser energy is absorbed in the dermal layer of the skin stimulating the production of new collagen. As the new collagen thickens and plumps the skin, it fills in the stretch mark from below.

The links below will provide: medical, non-medical, surgical and non-surgical, prescription and non-prescription options to reduce and or remove stretch marks.

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Laser stretch mark removal has advanced in recent years, the cost and pain associated with laser stretch mark treatments has come down significantly. Although the costs are still not considered cheap, the treatment cost have not risen in parallel with the rising costs of these new advanced stretch mark removal lasers.
It is best to get laser stretch mark treatment early, the older the stretch mark, the more difficult it will be to fade.  The stretchmark location, whether on your arms, stomach, hips, legs or back, does not make a difference.
Some doctors use multiple lasers to treat stretch marks.  Every case is different and each patient


stretch mark removal pictures laser stretch mark removal photo
stretch mark removal picture stretch mark removal before and after photos
Pigmented stretch marks before and after 11 Q-switched Nd:yg laser treatments.
Pictures provided by Celibre

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We advise EVERYONE who reads this site to get the advice of a physician before using ANY product to treat stretch marks. Always consult with your health care provider before applying any product, adding any substances to your diet, or making any lifestyle changes



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